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Decorative Sculptured Wood Molding

Our luxury wood molding collection is an exciting option for homeowners who wish to beautify their home by integrating rich details using unexpectedly affordable wood molding. The multitude of different wood molding and chair-rail designs make it easy to integrate your wood molding into an existing decor and to coordinate several wood molding designs, creating a polished look for your home.

This collection features decorative wood molding that is made from the highest grade, kiln-dried, solid poplar wood. There are many types of wood molding options available, with complementing designs that will elevate your home's look from mediocre to astounding. Choose from wood crown molding, wood baseboard molding, wood molding for door trim, wood panel molding, and decorative frieze molding. Made from a specially formulated wood composite material and sculpted into the design, many of our decorative wood moldings feature a deep relief, lending intricacy and realistic detail to the design. Details can be viewed clearly in the images provided with our product descriptions. We also provide coordinating suggestions with each molding's product descriptions, through helpful links to complimentary wood molding designs. Our wood moldings may be used alone as a solitary element and design statement or enhanced by another decorative wood molding.

Design Tip: If you wish to add broadness, or extend your decorative elements, think about pairing a molding or chair rail with a back-band. Back-bands are also used as casings for windows and doors.

The appeal of poplar wood is in its light color and low grain. Our wood molding accepts stain well, making it easy to achieve your desired look. With poplar, you may use any depth of stain color you wish, replicating the look of hardwoods such as cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and many other varieties. Whether you choose to stain your wood molding or paint it, it is easy to achieve a professional look with our beautiful wood molding.

At, you have the option of ordering wood molding unfinished or in 12 different decorative finishes. However, if you wish to order your moldings in a decorative finish, there is a minimum order requirement of 500 feet.

Installing your wood molding is simple. Upon arrival of your wood molding, take care that you keep the molding in a dry place, away from exorbitant moisture to avoid warping of the wood. Because wood molding is made from a natural material, the wood molding must adjust to the climate of the surroundings before being installed. This is to avoid any cracking or gaps due to the wood's natural ability to shrink or expand when subjected to temperature changes. Nail your wood molding to the studs in the wall by using a stud finder. This is to ensure that wood molding will have maximum support. Installation is complete when you caulk the small holes left behind by the finishing nails with compound and then lightly sand the area for a clean finish.

Design Tip: If your project includes installing molding in a room that has a bend in it, such as a cupola, or bow front window, and you find that rigid wood molding cannot accommodate the sloping angles, also offers Flex Molding, which can be used in conjunction with wood molding to accommodate the pesky spot. Our Flex Molding can be purchased in the same designs and density as our wood molding. Once it is stained or painted, the wood molding and the flex molding will look consistent and unified.